Our Kit

Due to the variety of incidents that responders get called out to, we have to carry a vast amount of kit with us:
main bag

main bag

main bag plus entinox

main bag plus entinox

Automatic External Defibrillator (A.E.D.)

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable device carried by CFR’s and placed within the community. When applied to a patient it checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest, this is a condition in which the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating.


OP Airway:

An oropharyngeal airway (also known as an oral airway) is a medical device called an airway adjunct used to maintain or open a patient's airway. It does this by preventing the tongue from covering the epiglottis, which could prevent the person from breathing. CFR’s may use this with a patient who is unconscious or if CPR is needed to help maintain an airway for the patient.



Pulse oximeter a device that measures the oxygen saturation of arterial blood in a subject by utilizing a sensor attached typically to a finger, toe, or ear to determine the percentage of oxyhemoglobin in blood pulsating through a network of capillaries.



Compressed Oxygen is used to treat a variety of patients and has a multitude of uses. It is carried by CFR’s in bottles and can be used to treat patients with low blood oxygen levels in conjunction with a pulse oximeter.

Oxygen maks / nasal cannula:

A mask / cannula placed over the nose and mouth and connected to a supply of oxygen, used when the body is not able to gain enough oxygen by breathing air, for example at high altitudes, or because of a medical condition. A CFR will use these pieces of equipment if and when required.


Bag Valve and Mask:

A Bag-Valve- Mask (BVM) to deliver 100% oxygen to a patient who has stopped breathing and inflate their lungs. A CFR uses this whilst delivering CPR to a patient as this would help to oxygenate the body as it forces air into the patient’s body.