What We do

When someone dials 999, the emergency operations centre (known as ‘control’) alert us if we are needed. Here are the steps that are made by us as responders:
  1. We receive a call from control asking us to attend an emergency. Control will tell us what the emergency is and the location.

  2. We get in our car and head off to the location immediately.

  3. We arrive at the address and enter the property with our kit bag and gloves on.

  4. We assess the patient. If they are conscious and can speak, we ask them what the matter is and then treat them as necessary.

  5. Again, if the patient is conscious we take their medical history to gain more of an insight as to why they have become unwell.

  6. If the patient is unconscious then we assess the reason for this and treat them as necessary.

  7. If the patient is not breathing then we perform basic life support techniques.

  8. We keep monitoring and treating the patient until an ambulance arrives.

  9. We do a ‘handover’ where we tell the attending paramedics what has happened, what we have done and the medical history if it is necessary.

  10. If we are currently performing basic life support techniques at the point of paramedic arrival, we will continue to do so and will work as part of a team alongside the paramedics to try and resuscitate the patient.

  11. If there is no basic life support required, then we leave the patient in the care of the paramedics and go home.

  12. Once we are home, we call control to say we are clear of scene and ready for duty again.

  13. We then fill in our paper work.

  14. At the end of our shift we phone control and ‘log off’.